Meet Our Team:
Burkins, Ritchie & Associates is dedicated to providing the best services possible, and thus, we have compiled a team of skilled, knowledgable couselors, consultants, and trainers. 

Please take a moment to meet some of our staff.

Max Burkins is a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor and Substance Abuse Professsional. Over the past 20 years, Max has effectively trained countless companies and counseled thousands of individuals. He uses humor coupled with insight drawn from his expansive professional knowledge and personal experience to engage with his clients and connect with his audiences. Max is also a certified federal chain-of-custody urine drug screen collector.

Arthur Ritchie earned his certification in Advanced Addiction Services from the University of Akron, and has served as a certified instructor for the American Red Cross since 2001. Prior to joining our team, Art served as a member of the Stark Social Workers Network, providing client services through SAMHSA's Access To Recovery program. Art specializes in facilitating training sessions and consulting services related to the Ohio BWC's Drug-Free Safety Program, as well as facilitating a variety of American Red Cross safety training courses. Arhur is also a certified federal chain-of-custody urine drug screen collector.

Jenifer Webb is our Office Manager extraordinaire and serves as the backbone of our Compliance Assistance Staff. Jenifer possesses exceptional organizational and communication skills and specializes in keeping our partner companies in good standing with the various requirements and deadlines of the BWC Drug-Free Safety Program. Jenifer is also our SurveyMonkey guru and a certified federal chain-of-custody urine drug screen collector.

Scott Williams  is a Licensed Independent Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor with the State of Ohio. Scott is a certifiied grief counselor and has extensive experience assisting individuals who struggle with a wide variety of mental health and interpersonal relationship issues.

Kaley Ritchie is our unofficial technology expert and is a certified American Red Cross instructor. Kaley also recently earned her certification as a Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant (CDCA) and has become a skilled instructor in Drug-Free Safety Program training courses, in addition to being a proficient American Red Cross instructor.

Sissy Long is our in-house Accountant, Quickbooks guru and Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable specialist. Sissy's impeccable attention to detail ensures that  the trains keep running on time at BR&A.

Adrienne Harvey-Ritchie, RN, is a Registered Nurse and serves as our in-house medical expert and logistical guru. Adrienne possesses an impressive background in medical research and data collection and analysis. Adrienne is a certified federal chain-of-custody urine drug screen collector, as well as a forensic collection specialist.

Kathy Coduto is our friendly receptionist, and master scheduler. Kathy is the communications lynchpin that keeps our staff in touch with each other. Kathy is truly the engine that keeps our staff on track and running smoothly.

Gary Kelly is a certified American Red Cross instructor.

Tim Ruth is a certified American Red Cross instructor.

Max Burkins, Founder
Clinical Director
Jen Webb, Office Manager Compliance Specialist
Adrienne Harvey-Ritchie Registered Nurse
Forensic Collection Specialist
Scott Williams, LPC-LIMFT EAP Counselor
Marriage, Family, Grief
"Providing solutions for a healthier workplace, family and community since 2001"